Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 09.04.2018

Introduction. The Video Manager for LinkedIn™ browser extension (“Video Manager”), owned and operated by Volylabs (“Volylabs”) takes data governance and user data security with the utmost importance. The main function of the Video Manager is to allow users to organize and manage their video content on the LinkedIn™ platform (“LinkedIn™”) with the purpose to enhance the creator experience.

Data Collection, Storage and Usage. When you download, install and use the Video Manager extension via the Google Chrome Store, we collect the following data:

  • Your profile name and picture, username, e-mail address and other contact details. In the current state of the Video Manager, we are not actively using any of those variables, but with future updates, we are hoping to have them contribute to a more personalized user profile. Furthermore, we utilize OAuth 2.0 Authentication to gather those variables and ensure all user data is securely handled.
  • Your web browser type, device category/platform, operating systems, usage statistics, when an installation or uninstallation occurs, and whether the Video Manager is active or engaged by you. Those variables are automatically provided by the Google Chrome Store and Google Analytics (jointly) and we use them to identify trends/patterns in user behavior and potentially derive insights to better the functionalities within the Video Manager.
  • For the video syncing mechanism, post analytics (views, likes and comments), video activity id, link to thumbnail preview, post text, user id, time of interaction are also being collected and stored. The purpose of collecting this specific set of data is to be able to build video playlists and have an almost instant syncing experience.
  • We DO NOT store any of the actual video assets on Volylabs’ servers, but rather make use of the LinkedIn™ iFrame(s) to display the video content within our tool.

Changes to Privacy Policy. We may occasionally change this Privacy Policy, as the functionalities of the Video Manager continue to grow and when that happens, we will also revise the “Effective Date” at the top of the Privacy Policy.